Top 5 Areas to Live in London

If you are planning a house relocation to London, then you should get to know the City and all the best areas you could settle in before the move. Moving home is difficult even if you do know where you are going – but moving into the unknown is not the smartest decision you could make, so make an effort and do see where you could move. To help you with the decision, here is a list of the top 5 areas in London where you could make a good living.

#1 – West London

Earl’s Court and Bayswater have some of the most affordable housing in the entire city and that’s saying something, considering that the whole area is one of classical renaissance housing and gives a ceremonial feel. The pompous atmosphere will mean less community options, but you still get a variety of pubs, libraries, and markets. And Acton and Hammersmith are ideal for starting work at a new area.

#2 – South London

Currently many areas in this part of London are going a renovation and offer a feeling of something new and fresh. Clapham, Brixton, or Wandsworth all provide excellent places for housing, and you get the salad bowl feeling as you clash with the multiple cultures who are also settled in the area. And you still get the rich options of pubs and markets, so nothing will be missing there.

#3 – East London

This is a bit of an area of struggle, where bankers and bohemians wage a constant war of expression. This is where you can meet the most overt hippies and artsy people, or, on the other hand, where you can experience financial and economical growth if you are a businessman yourself. Houses go from least to most expensive, so you got plenty of options there.

#4 – South East London

While tamer than the eastern parts, you get a more affordable area with lots of convenient transport links to other places. If you want to see a rich place, visit Greenwich and see where a lot of entertainment and businesses flourish.

#5 – North London

Notting Hill and Hampstead offer quite the friendly neighbourhood, despite at a steep price. If you can afford the northern parts of London, then definitely seek housing there as you get all the commodities you could want.

Take your pick and get started on the house removals today.